Join one of the UK’s leading botanical illustrators for a two-day workshop painting flora and fauna in gouache or watercolour with lots of one to one tuition and demonstrations.Refreshments including cream teas included.
A two day workshop starting at 9.45 am - 4.30 pm each day.  Lunch can be purchased from the gardens or you can bring a packed lunch.
What to bring
Botanical Painting in Watercolour or Gouache
Please bring with you either flora or fauna subjects to paint.  There is also an opportunity to purchase plant material from Ness Botanic Gardens.
A selection of colour ranges for which ever medium you would like to work in.
Gouache paint – Winsor Newton colours:-                 W & N Artist watercolour:-
                Naples Yellow                                                  Sap Green
                Permanent Green Middle                                 Light Red
                Flesh Tint                                                        French Ultramarine
                Cadmium Yellow                                              Winsor Lemon
                Vandyke brown                                               Cadmium Yellow
                Indigo Blue                                                      Opera Rose
                Flame Red                                                       Scarlet Lake
                Permanent White                                             Cobalt Blue
                Perylene maroon                                             Burnt Sienna
                Light Green (Daler Rowney)                             Prussian Blue
                Cadmium Orange                                              Indanthrene Blue
               Bengal Rose                                                      Transparent Yellow
Students can use some of the tutor’s paints, as this is a wide range, in place of colours they are unable to purchase. Not all of these will be used on the course as it depends on colours of subjects to paint at the time.
Drawing Board
Work lamp if you usually use one
Brushes: Sable sizes 2, 4. (Maybe a 6 but optional and not essential to buy)
Jam Jar or something to hold water for mixing.
Pencil 2H or H. Nothing softer as botanical illustration requires clear clean lines.
Palette: China palettes are the best or a china plate rather than plastic.
Supply yourself with a Hot Pressed (smooth) 140lb watercolour paper or a Hot Pressed Daler Board.

Ness Botanic Gardens, Cheshire
£210 includes refreshments
17 & 18 October 2018
Simon Williams
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