An enjoyable and relaxing art holiday with professional artist using the grounds and surrounding area for inspiration.  Working inside and outside the studio.  Suitable for all abilities. 
Residential and non-residential places available (non-residential places include packed lunches & refreshments)
2 pm on 13 August - 2 pm on 17 August
What to bring
Outdoor Equipment

When working on site I work in sketch books of different sizes so please work with whatever you feel comfortable with, whether in sketchbooks, blocks, or on stretched or loose paper. 
I use watercolour sketchbooks and cartridge sketchbooks about A4 or quarter-imperial size and smaller. Some of my work is very finished while some is loose and sketchy depending upon circumstances and mood. If you want to buy any equipment from me I will have most things with me but phone me to check availability.

Please bring your usual painting things - try and be as compact as possible. Bring a foldable chair, water containers, water bottle and easel if you don’t want to work on your knee. (I have a couple of easels to lend out). Solid shoes are a good idea, a waterproof and an umbrella maybe. Warm clothes! Even if it’s fine you can get cold sitting still for a long time. 


I don't insist that you use the same colours as I do so please bring the colours you are familiar with. If you are considering buying colours then I recommend the following: 

Ultramarine, (sometimes referred to as French Ultramarine; they are the same colour) 

Phthalocyanine Blue (sometimes abbreviated to Phthalo Blue. Winsor & Newton call it Winsor 
Blue Green Shade, or Intense Blue. Daler-Rowney sometimes call it Phthalo Blue G.S. (Green Shade) If people already have Prussian Blue, it is similar and will do)
Cerulean Blue
Cadmium Red Light, or Cadmium Red Pale (They are the same) or Vermillion. Cadmium Red, which is slightly darker will do but is not essential. 

Permanent Rose, or Quinacridone Violet. (They are the same) Alizarin Crimson will do but is darker and duller, as is Rose Madder, or Carmine) 

Cadmium Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Light. 
Hansa Yellow Light or Winsor Lemon, or Cadmium Lemon, or Lemon Yellow (which is not the same as Lemon Yellow Nickel Titanate) 

Burnt Sienna. 

Burnt Umber or Sepia. (Not essential but useful)
Raw Sienna or Yellow Ochre or Quinacridone Gold.
Phthalocyanine Green (sometimes abbreviated to Phthalo Green. (Winsor & Newton call it Winsor Green Blue Shade. Viridian or Emerald Green will do) 
White gouache might be handy but isn't essential.
Other general materials: 
B or 2B pencil, eraser, water containers, plastic water bottle. 

Watercolour sketchbook, Cartridge sketchbook; whatever size you like working. I work mostly between A3 and A4 sizes. Bulldog clips, elastic bands or Masking tape to hold corners down.

If you prefer to work on prepared stretched boards be prepared, otherwise stick to sketchbooks which is my habit. 
An assortment of brushes, -suggest 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, -bigger if required. A half-inch flat brush or similar. Perhaps a small rigger or liner writer. 
(I will have all these and more brushes for sale if necessary)


Cober Hill, Scarborough
£499 residential £269 non-residential
13 - 17 August 2018
Jeremy Ford
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