Dry Brush and Detail on Flower Petals - Botanical Painting in Watercolour

Learn how to build rich colour, texture and form and to create fine detail in this  techniques based workshop.  The various dry brush techniques will be taught using a variety of different seasonal flower petals as subjects.   You will also lean to create the delicate veins and crisp edges to give your flowers a more realistic feel and finish by an experienced botanical artist and tutor.  Suitable for all those who enjoy painting in detail.
10 am - 3.45 pm.  Refreshments provided and with everyone bringing a packed lunch.
What to bring 
Subject Material
Will be provided or you may bring your own.
Essentials include: Pencils, H or HB, watercolour paints, primary colours only (see below) , HP watercolour paper size approximately A4 ( bring 2 sheets) eraser, water pot, transparent  ruler and a suitable board to attach your work to. 
Below are the materials that I use but you may use your own and please don't feel you have to buy new ones! If you have a good range of primary colours, this will be fine.
Artist quality watercolour paints
I use 5 blues, 4 reds and 4 yellows, mostly Winsor & Newton pans. Single pigment paints are best. I've put the pigment numbers in brackets and you can find these numbers on the tubes of paint or on colour charts from the manufacturer. I find that these colours allow me to mix pretty much anything!

The Art Room, Barlow, Derbyshire
Wednesday 8 August 2018
Dianne Sutherland
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