Impressive Highland Landscapes in Acrylics

This excellently structured workshop will guide us, stage by stage to achieve an impressive Highland landscape painting with dramatic skies, atmospheric weather and texture using fine quality acrylic paints.  All paints provided. 
10 am - 3.45 pm.  Refreshments provided with everyone bringing a packed lunch.  
What to bring

  • Brushes suitable for Acrylic - not you best Sables! and if possible a 1" brush (house painters will be fine) 
  • Palettes - preferably something with a good surface area for mixing colours, such as a large plate/tile or wooden artist’s palette
  • Table Easel (optional)
  • Water pots
  • Canvas Boards (I'd recommend at least 16" x 20" or larger )
  • Boards don't need to be primed but could be primed with a base coat of white beforehand if preferred 
  • Pencils/Sketchbooks if people want to draw things first
  • Kitchen roll


The Art Room, Barlow, Derbyshire
Tuesday 19 June 2018
Fraser Scarfe
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