Light across a Flower Meadow in Acrylics

Capture dancing light across a meadow full of early summer flowers in acrylics with step by step guidance from professional artist Steve along with photographic reference to complete a picture at the end of the day.  Suitable for all abilities.
Steve returns again this year to deliver three acrylic painting workshops.  He is an apporachable friendly artist who explains clearly his step by step approach along with which paints and colours are best to use to achieve good results.
10 am - 3.45 pm.  Refreshments provided with everyone bringing a packed lunch.
What to bring
Photographic reference will be supplied
Please bring either a canvas to work on or a 6mm mdf board primed with a gesso primer or canvas board
Any of these are good, square in shape around 16"x 16" in size
Any reds, greens, yellows and blues you have along with the following:  
Titanium White
Cobalt blue
Cerulean blue
Olive green
Sap green
Prussian blue
Flesh tint
Buff titanium
Naples yellow
Yellow ochre
Raw sienna
Burnt sienna
These are the basic colours. The tutor will bring his own paints and give a squeeze of any colours you are unable to bring on the day
A selection of acrylic brushes in various sizes – small to large
Jam jar
Palette/large white china plate for mixing paint
Palette knife – optional
Kitchen roll
Please bring an apron or wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on
The day will consist of a stage by stage demonstration of the painting with the class discussing technique
Don’t forget to bring a packed lunch!

The Art Room, Barlow, Derbyshire
Wednesday 23 May 2018
Steve McLoughlin
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